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PNA Driftin Dew Drop

2006 Brown Mare


Photos Taken April 27, 2008
        War Chief by Joe Hancock
      War Concho  
        Brown Beulah by Driftwood
    War Conchos Drifter    
        Driftwood Ike by Driftwood
      Speedy Beth  
        Squeeky Beth
  Tuf Red Hancock      
        Show Bar Bob by Blondy's Dude
      Hanabar Red  
        Hanabar Blue
    Dryfork Dixi Hancock    
        Heza Roan Dude
      Miss Crickets Dude  
        Cricket Crane
PNA Driftin Dew Drop        
        Drifting Sage by Driftwood
      Rainbow Sage  
        Miss Bar Vee by Julio's Bar
    Two Square Hancock    
        High Tower
      Resy C Tower  
        Tess C Chubby
  Two Square Kitty      
        Lowry Hancock by Roan Hancock
      Quarter Hancock  
        Ada Maid
    Quarters Feline    
        Bee Line Dip
      Dip's Dulce  
        Sobre's June

Dew is a great little mare that is full of potential. She is a total package, with a true foundation pedigree and the athletic ability to become a performance horse. She stands approx 14.2hh and weighs around 1000#.
This mare is for sale ~ check out our her for Sale page!

Peggy Hancock Hayes

2006 Bay Mare


Photos Taken April 27, 2008
        Blue Valentine by Red Man
      Salty Roan  
        Glassy by Patron
    Mr Roan Hancock    
        Baldy Joe by Joe Hancock
      Gila Joe Hancock  
        Gila Girl 3
  Show Bar Roan      
        Blondy's Dude by Small Town Dude
      Show Bar Bob  
        Lady Show Bob by Bar Bob
    Show Bar Mae    
        West of Eden
      Two Step Mae  
        Ivys Two Step
Peggy Hancock Hayes        
        Double Drift by Gray Chip
      Drifts Chip  
        Diamond Isle by Diamond Chip
    Quatro Drift    
        War Concho by War Chief
      Conchos Lady 010  
        Miss Canal by Frosty Joe
  Four Drift Cassie      
        Blue Valentine by Red Man
        Fox Hastings by Plenty Coup
    Bonnie Hayes    
        Blue Valentine by Red Man
      Bonny 02  
        Bonnie Owens by Tesas Blue Bonnet

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