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      We are a family operated, third generation farm and ranch which is located in north central Montana, halfway between Great Falls and Havre. Our goal is to raise quality Hancock bred working horses for working people. The Hancock bred horse has long been known for their rugged durability and legendary hardiness, and for these factors they have become the choice of horsemen everywhere. This bloodline is known for their great dispositions, bone, color, cow sense and physical ability to carry you from sunup to sundown, which is truley a nessesity in the wide open spaces of our Big Sky Country.

     Our breeding program features a high percentage of Joe Hancock blood crossed on some of the most legendary foundation bloodlines of the Quarter Horse, to create a working cowhorse that can excel on the ranch just as easily as in the arena. The foundation quarter horse has a reputation for an easy going disposition and a very trainable mind, all of our foals seem to posess these qualities with the muscle, heart and determination to take you to the winners circle in any event or "until the cows come home".

     We raise our horses the way nature intended, they are run out on native range pastures all summer with no added feeds or supplements that might force growth on young foals. This keeps their bones and joints growing at a safe rate to ensure the best possible opportunity to live a long, sound life. They only get enough grain to get them interested in it, which makes weaning easier on them. We feel that allowing them to grow naturally on green pastures and their mothers milk gives them a good start and allows their new owners to select the right feeding program for their new horse. We do all of the work with our horses and keep all of our herd current on shots and worming. All foals are halter broke before being sold. The coffee is always on, take time to come see us. We would enjoy the opportunity to show you around and see our great horses.


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The Ayers' ~ 2012
The Ayers' (2012)
Patrick, Nikki, PJ, Michael, and Morgan

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